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Grepp - Get a grip on your Goals

Manage Performance

Complete Planned Tasks

Goal Setting

Have a better Grip over your business with Ibhar GREPP

Set and Communicate Goals

Use evolved Goal setting methodology and framework to set and communicate goals.

Define how you plan to achieve your Goal

Evolve a detailed plan, define and monitor other objectives and goals that would help achieve a particular goal. Plan projects with activities, Link related goals, Cascade the goal downstream across your direct reports.

Record Targets and Actual performance

Assign the responsibility of data capture to designated personnel. Ensure they are recording data periodically. This eliminates the necessity for integration to IT system while providing flexibility.

Review performance

Using traffic light colouring for reviewing performance of your goals and that of your direct reports. Easily locate areas that require attention and action.

Assign and Monitor tasks

Ensure Tasks assigned to direct reports are completed by communicating and reviewing them. Alert direct reports automatically when tasks become overdue.

Streamline work practices by communicating SOPs and Policies

Document, communicate and provide anytime access to standard procedures and policies in your organization reducing aberrations, errors and non-compliance.

Organizations with employees working in alignment with company objectives have more than TWICE the possibility to become top performers


“Less than 7% employees understand what is expected from them to achieve the organization objectives.”

Kaplan and Norton